The ever-increasing customer demand for premium solar and battery solutions continues to evolve. At Westsun Solar, we choose Q CELL and Q.Home.

Providing our customers with excellent products at a competitive price is something we are very proud of.


Q CELL Blog - Why Westsun Solar Choose Q CELL and Q.HOME


Products that are made to last in the harsh Australian climate.

Q CELL and Q.HOME is designed to last in Australia. The products are put through numerous tests leading to them being IP 65 Outdoor rated, with flexibility to install both indoors or outdoors.

The tests include, hail damage testing where they shoot large amounts of ice at the products. And desert testing at the Knowledge Australia Solar Centre in Alice Springs. Where products are tested for their resistance to harsh desert climates. The results are compared in real time and can be found here.


PV Module 

Q PEAK DUO - Why Westsun Solar Choose Q CELL and Q.HOME


The G9+ is the latest innovation in solar technology powered by all new Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology with power up to 395 Wp.

  • Offers superior performance with above industry standard 20.8% energy efficiency
  • Zero-gap technology means that there are more super charge cells per surface area. Making it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Created with Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology, delivering 4% more power than convention PERC half-cell modules
  • The first-ever module in Australia to pass new ultra-strict TUV Rheinland Quality Control PV testing. Therefore, making it, 2-3x stricter than IEC and already rigorous VDE quality testing.


Hybrid Inverter 

Hybrid Inverter Q CELL - Why Westsun Solar Choose Q CELL and Q.HOME


Q.VOLT is the first step towards grid-independence.

  • Black-start capability means Q.VOLT does not need the grid to start. Meaning, customers can stay powered in a power outage during the day.
  • Every kilowatt over 5kW and under 6.6kW is utilised for the load or battery.
  • IP 65 Outdoor rated
  • Manufactured in South Korea, and comes with a 10-year product and performance warranty.


Battery Storage 

Q SAVE Storage - Why Westsun Solar Choose Q CELL and Q.HOME


Gain self-sufficiency at night and in an outage with back-up battery power.

  • Premium quality Samsung lithium ion batteries in 6.3kWh, 12.6 kWh up to 18.9kWh sizes to suit any customers needs
  • Includes complimentary Carlo Gavazzi Energy Meter (EM112)
  • Includes SwitchDin Droplet Gateway and 10-year subscription to SwtichDin monitoring platform
  • IP 65 Outdoor rated


Why Westsun Solar recommend Q CELL

QCell5 1 - Why Westsun Solar Choose Q CELL and Q.HOME


  • The IP rating makes all products suitable on any property. The protection from ants, insects and mice is an important factor when choosing a system for your home.
  • The expandable product allows for an easy transition to batteries in the future.
  • The black-start converter, providing your home with power when the power is out during the day.
  • A complete all-in-one South Korean system using Samsung battery cells.
  • Ongoing and dedicated support teams Australia wide.
  • Guaranteed performance and long term warranty.
  • Increases your homes value as solar become more and more popular for home buyers.
  • Q CELL are the solar industry leaders, producing more than 185.7 billion assets in their wide portfolio.


Overall, Q CELL set the standard in the industry. Westsun Solar are Q CELL partners and recommend these systems to all of our customers. They come in a number of different sizes to suit different style homes.