Since its inception, WA Timber Sales has grown to be a major supplier of structural timber and engineered timber products. In recent years, WA Timber Sales has expanded to include the fabrication and supply of wall frames and roof tussles.

With their expansion, so has their energy demand.



Westsun Solar installed a 40kW solar system using Q CELL solar panels and Fronius Inverters.

As you can see from the data collected from their live access portal via Fronius. Timber Sales WA solar production covers more than 90 percent of their energy demands. This system is reliable and delivers amazing results.

WA Timber Sales are extremely happy with their solar installation from our CEC accredited electricians.


Fron case study1 - WA Timber Sales 40kw Fronius System


Fron Case Study2 - WA Timber Sales 40kw Fronius System