Solar Maintenance & Repairs

A solar system should be regularly serviced for optimal efficiency

Solar Maintenance & Repairs

Solar Repairs Perth

By Calling Westsun Solar and booking in a service it will maintain your warranty and also ensure your system to outlast its warranty period by always being one step ahead of any potential problems. When having your solar system serviced, always use a qualified technician. To schedule a service, contact Westsun Solar today.

Dirty solar panels produce less power. In fact, they can produce 25% less power than clean solar panels. A solar system should be regularly serviced for optimal efficiency. If left undetected, small faults can easily become larger, costly problems.

To ensure your system runs at peak performance, we provide regular servicing and maintenance to clients across Western Australia.

A qualified solar technician will come to your home or business to check the inverter and cables. We will also inspect the panels to ensure they are clean and fault free.

Services start from $150+GST.

Recommendations Every 3 Months:

  • Solar Panel Repairs PerthVerify if panels are clean from bird droppings, pollution and dirt buildup.
  • A simple detergent and sponge will effectively clean your panel.
  • Verify if any object is obstructing the sunlight over the PV panels. ( Owner can do this or call Westsun Solar )
  • Rain won’t clean your solar panels, just as rain won’t clean your car. Solar power systems should be regularly inspected and solar panels cleaned to ensure optimal performance.

Recommendations Every 2 Years:

  • Solar Inverter Repairs PerthInspect connections, integrity of wiring and solar racking.
  • Check operation of roof top isolator, AC isolator and array isolator.
  • Verify tightness and integrity of bolts and clamps
  • Make sure that solar stickers are on place and visible.
  • Verify mechanical integrity of conduits
  • Inspect MC4 connections.
  • Measure system voltage and current.
  • Measure grid voltage.