Solar installation in Perth continues to become more popular for home owners. We wanted to go through 3 reasons why we think installing solar panels on your home is worth it.


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(1) Solar panels in Perth

Owning a solar system in Perth has its perks. On average Perth receives an annual average of around 5.8 hours of sun per day according to PVWatts.

The more sun there is in a day, the more “energy” our solar system soaks up throughout those peak times. Depending on what system you decide to go with will determine how much energy you can save during the day. The table below shows a generic overview of potential output for solar PV systems in Perth ranging from 1.5Kw to 10Kw.

Solar Panels Perth Output - Solar Installation in Perth


Installing solar panels in Perth definitely has its benefits. We live in one of the sunniest places in the world allowing us to take advantage of renewable energy whilst saving on our power bills.


(2) Saving money on your power bills

There is generally two ways that solar power helps households save money on their power bills:

Solar feed-in tariffs:

This is the rate you are paid for any ‘excess’ solar energy that you send into the grid. Currently the going rate in Perth is 10c/kWh in peak times between 3pm-9pm. And 3c/kWh during off-peak before 3pm or after 9pm.


Solar self-consumption:

This is when you use your solar energy directly, as it is being generated, reducing the amount of energy you usually purchase from the grid (this is run by Synergy). This is the main way your solar power will save you money in Perth.


There is a major difference between the feed-in rate and the price you pay for electricity from the grid (on average 27c/kWh). This means that your solar energy is worth a whole lot more if you consume it yourself, than if you sell it back to the energy grid. This differential – paired with the low price of solar power in Perth – also means Perth is one of the best cities to get a battery storage system installed on your system.


Solar installation in Perth:

Installing a solar system on your roof primarily means you have acquired small power station for your home. The energy accumulated from the solar panels can be used for multiple appliances within your home. Allowing you to bypass your energy retailer for a portion of your energy needs. When using your energy, you don’t use all of it during daylight hours (when panels are producing power). You will still have to import energy from the grid. Meaning, when the sun goes down or when you are using more energy than your solar panels produce.


Solar energy demands from your home:

The demands vary by the size of family and how frequently appliances are being used within the house. For example, the average three-person home uses around 20-25 kWh of energy per day over the course of the year. The amount of solar energy that is ‘self-consumed’, will vary depending on your home’s electricity consumption pattern. Westsun Solar recommend you use at least 30% of the solar energy that is produced each day.


(3) Short payback periods for solar installation in Perth

Rooftop solar has become a no-brainer for homes and businesses across Perth. It is one of the best cities for going solar. This is due to a combination of ample sunshine, high grid electricity prices and low solar system prices.


As mentioned above, the key to saving money on your solar is ‘self-consumption’. Using the solar energy directly with your home/business. By self-consuming your solar energy, you avoid having to pay excessive grid electricity prices. The more of your own solar energy you can use, the lower your energy bill will be. This can generally be achieved if you are home during the daylight hours.


The table below shows payback periods for 3kW and 5kW solar systems on average in Perth. Including, prices at different self-consumption levels (estimated ‘low’ and ‘high’ for each system size included). As you can see, paying back your solar system in under 5 years is highly achievable. Whilst your solar system will continue to operate for over 25 years.


Payback rate Perth - Solar Installation in Perth

Please also note that we have used average figures for pricing. Achieving even better outcomes is possible by finding a better deal and further increasing your solar self-consumption rate.