The Lions Eye Institute approached Westun Solar to design and install a 100Kw solar system that would be suited to the design and layout of their building.

The Lions Eye Institute is an Australian medical research centre associated with the University of Western Australia.

It was established in 1983 with the support of the Lions Club of Australia and is headquartered in Nedlands, Western Australia.

We worked closely with the Lions Eye management team to ensure panels were installed appropriately due to the shading the building receives in the afternoon, due to the shape of the building.

Additionally, we decided to install Solar Edge inverters to this system. This was decided as Solar Edge maximises the energy output of each panel, eliminating power losses due to soiling, leaves, shading or other factors.

More power = lower electricity bills.

The job was completed out of hours to allow Lions Eye to continue their day to day research at their centre, with health and safety plans put into place including traffic management. Ensuring our workers were able to complete this job both efficiently and effectively.

The final install included