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Looking For The Truth About Solar Systems?

The Facts 

→ NASA, the U.S. Military, the oil and telecommunications industries have been using solar power for decades because it is so dependable. Thousands of homeowners are benefiting from this time-tested technology.

→ Research by the Department of Energy finds that solar homes sell at up to twice the rate of their conventional counterparts. Their research also found that buyers consider energy costs an extremely important factor in the decision to buy a home or business. Solar panels provide a competitive advantage because the owner is not as subject to constantly rising electric rates.

→ Solar panels are as easy as pie to maintain. With no moving parts, the typical recommendation is to simply hose off the panels once a year and to remove large debris. Solar panels now even come with monitoring software that can alert you to any drops in power generation.

→ Public opinion is changing on the fashion of solar panels, as people recognise them as an environmentally-smart decision. And modern solar panels are designed to contour more closely to your roof than older solar panels from the ‘70s (many of which are still working just fine — without needing to be replaced yet, by the way).In addition, you have options, like thin-film and non-reflective solar panel roofing shingles. And if you’re worried about resale value, rest assured: homes with solar panels sell faster, and for more money, than homes without.

→ Residential solar systems are helping to decrease harmful energy needs.

→ Trends across the globe show that the economic damage done by burning fossil fuels for energy exceeds the profits from burning fossil fuels. The greenhouse gasses produced from burning fossil fuels and health problems stemming from that cause and effect scenario does not support by the fossil fuel burning industry.

The Myths

→ Solar Panels are often installed badly, Fact: Solar Is one of the highest regulated trades in the industry. Every solar installer must first be qualified as an electrician, and then undergo additional training and accreditation in solar systems. This is then policed by the CEC with strict rules and regulations.

→ Solar Panels are ugly!

→ Solar Panels Require Too Much Maintenance

→ Solar will get more efficient. So why not wait? Fact: Solar has made massive enhancements in Solar Efficiency’s in last 5 years that panels have never been more affordable and cost effective than they are today. With great return on investments payback times are so quick that any small efficiency’s changes on Panels are irrelevant to how sound their investment is. So don’t wait until the government rebates are all gone Solar is one investment you can count on.

→ Residential solar systems are not making a real difference in helping change things environment for the world.

→ All solar panels are created equal. Consumers should be aware that differences in quality and workmanship can curb the amount of energy produced. Be wary of solar panels manufactured in poorly regulated factories with questionable quality-control, labor and environmental practices. Instead, look for home solar panels from a reputable manufacturer, which can guarantee the highest power production and stand behind a 25-year warranty.

→ It will be harder to resell my home or business with solar panels.

→ Solar is a fad.