Inverter troubleshooting can be a major pain and sometimes hard to figure out.

The solar inverter is the heart of your solar power system and if this stops working then the whole system isn’t working to its full potential. At Westsun Solar we understand the importance of a working solar system and throughout this post will touch on a number of common issues that may occur in order for you to get your system working again.

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Flashing red light 

If this occurs we recommend you follow your inverters shutdown procedure in reverse. All inverters have a shutdown procedure that is provided with the manual, and in most cases physically on the inverter.


Changing network providers 

If you happen to change network providers your WiFi password will have changed. If this is the case, your inverter will not be able to pick up the new WiFi connection as it is unaware of the new network password. To connect your inverter follow the user manual and it will show you step-by-step how to get your inverter back online.


Error codes

If you have read the user manual and followed the first step there may potentially be an issue with your inverter. If this is the case contact Westsun Solar and we will provide you with more information on the situation and help you to try resolve it ASAP.



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Whenever a Growatt solar inverter experiences faults, it will display the fault error code. These codes indicate a particular problem or fault that the inverter is in. Listed below are some common error and fault codes that Growatt inverter users may face in the future and how it can be resolved:


Error Code 102

When your Growatt solar inverter displays the Error Code 102, it means that the two CPU sampling date is inconsistent. To fix this problem, turn off the DC switch and wait until the inverter is totally shut down. Turn the inverter on again and observe if it still displays the same error.


Error Code 111

An Error Code 111 usually happens with a Growatt TL3 inverter series. When this error shows up, it means that there is an IGBT drive fault and that you should contact your solar installer for a checkup.


Error Code 117

An Error Code 117 on a Growatt solar inverter means that there is a problem in the relay circuit. Try to restart the inverter and if the problem persists, you should contact your solar installer.


Error Code 120

When a Growatt solar inverter displays the Error Code 120, it means that there is a problem with the current sensor. This Error Code is also known as an HCT fault.


Fault Codes

Growatt solar inverters can experience two types of faults: system faults and inverter faults.


HVT Fault 

As stated above, HCT faults mean the inverter is having problems with its current sensor. To repair this, simply restart the inverter and if it still doesn’t work, contact Westsun Solar.


PV Isolation Low 

PV Isolation Low is a system fault on a Growatt solar inverter. This means that the inverter’s PV insulation impedance is too low or out of range.

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A great thing about Fronius Inverters is that they perform self-diagnosis which automatically informs the owner about the problem immediately. Fronius inverter models have different fault and error codes. These codes are categorised as:

→ Class 1 which is a momentary problem and probably caused by the public grid

→ Class 3 which are usually problems in feeding energy to the grid but only for a short period of time

→ Class 4 which already needs the intervention of an accredited solar installer or engineer

→ Class 5 which do not generally interfere with energy feeding but may cause some restrictions


Error Code 314 

Error Code 314 on a Fronius inverter means that there is a current sensor calibration timeout or there is an internal system error. Usually, this problem just fixes itself as the inverter repeats its startup routine. If the problem persists, you should contact us on 08 9303 9810 to investigate the issue.


Error Code 509

If your Fronius inverter encounters Error Code or State Code 509, it means that there was no energy fed into the grid in the last 24 hours. There could be a lot of reasons for this and one of them is that the solar panels are covered in dirt. For maintenance and repairs we recommend Solar PV repairs.

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