Huawei Luna Battery - Product Spotlight

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The Huawei Luna Battery

Solar energy storage systems are becoming more and more attractive to Australians nation-wide as prices continue to fall and more incentives become available. Which is why we wanted to go through the Huawei LUNA battery with you, one of the best investments you can make if you’re looking for a top-quality solar batter. 

Scalable from a compact 5kWh all the way up to an incredible 30 kWh, the Huawei LUNA’s modular design makes it a flexible and practical investment, able to be adjusted to your energy needs, whatever they may be. Coming from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the solar industry, it’s hard to deny the value presented to homeowners by the Huawei LUNA battery.

Huawei, Technology Experts

Huawei may be best known for their smartphones and other communication technologies but their presence in the solar energy industry is undeniable. They have made their name with fantastic inverters that are easily monitored with their proprietary app, allowing users to take greater control of their energy than ever before. 

They have taken the experience they’ve gained in a variety of other industries and applied it to their solar technologies, integrating cutting-edge digital, Internet and PV technologies to make their FusionSolar SmartPV solution the best it can be. 

Their systems have a reputation for being safe and reliable, achieving a better return on investment through higher yields while experiencing lower maintenance costs than other similar systems. 

The Huawei LUNA’s Best Features 

The Huawei LUNA battery is no exception when it comes to the company’s history of excellent offerings, and slots in very nicely when combined with its other solar energy technology. 

The Huawei LUNA’s unique appeal comes from its modular design, with its power module on the top of the system, connected by a DC coupling to one to three battery modules with a built-in energy optimiser. 

Huawei has named a design a “Smart String ESS”, as it allows batteries to be put into a string, with two full batteries linked to one another, each with three battery modules, similarly to how solar panels would be designed in a string.

But the system is far more than just a novel design; The Huawei LUNA offers some of the best features currently available in any solar energy storage system.

The system is safe and reliable, built using Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, the safest form of lithium technology, being very chemically stable, and unable to self-ignite. These cells, due to their weight, might not be a good fit for an electric car, but in a stationary battery system, they’re the perfect choice. 

The system offers greater levels of usable energy compared to other systems, thanks to pack level energy optimisation, each battery module working to make the most of the energy generated. This, combined with the battery’s 100% depth of discharge means that you can expect to enjoy more solar power in the evening, when you need it most or have more energy to export back to the grid at a premium.

In the rare case that an error does occur with one of the battery modules in your Huawei LUNA, the system automatically isolates the faulty module so that the system can continue operating at a reduced capacity without fault until the module can be repaired. 

The Perfect Pairing For A Huawei Inverter

Compatible with both single-phase and three-phase inverter, the Huawei LUNA battery is the perfect pairing for a Huawei inverter because they can both operate on the same monitoring app. Having your entire system operating on the same app makes it much easier to take control of your energy and make the most of your system. 

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