Identify How Much You Could Save on Electricity

WA is capable of producing the highest levels of solar electricity energy in Australia. This is great news for West Australians looking to save on energy costs while helping the environment.

Size Does Matter

The amount of solar electricity generated by your system depends on its size. The average Aussie household consumes approximately 18 kilowatt hours per day. Common household solar systems can output between 6 to 22 kilowatts a day.  See table below for average daily output for different sized systems.

Hire A Professional To Do It Right 

The time of year, shading, angle and other vital factors impact your system’s daily output dramatically. Always use a qualified installer to inspect your home or business before installation. So your solar electricity system is installed for optimal output.

Contact Westsun Solar for a free onsite inspection.

Potential Annual Savings

System SizeDaily OutputPotential Annual Savings*
1.5 kW6.6 kW$600
2.0 kW8.8 kW$800
2.5 kW11 kW$1,000
3.0 kW13.2 kW$1,200
3.5 kW15.4 kW$1,400
4.0 kW17.6 kW$1,600
5.0 kW22 kW$2,000
10.0 kW44 kW$4,000
30.0 kW132 kW$12,000

Want To Save Even More?

Ask us about Westsun Solar’s range of green products and save more on your lighting, cost of running your pool and so much more.

Data Source: PV-GC spreadsheet based on the Clean Energy Council (CEC) GC Design Guidelines. 

The rated output is achieved in perfect laboratory conditions. The CEC design summary software takes these deratings into account when predicting averages for any given system.

* Saving based on home usage of all solar energy generated at current electricity prices ($0.25 per kW).