What Secrets Do Others Know That You Don’t?

Shift Your Electricity Bills

Electricity generated by your solar panel happens during the day with the majority being generated between 10.00am – 3.00pm. To maximise your solar usage consider changing some of your consumption habits. Try to use your dishwasher, washing machine and other electrical devices during the day. By being more efficient in your electricity use, by minimising your mains grid consumption, you’ll not only be saving money but you’ll also be helping to further reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions!

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Swimming Pool Tips

If you have a pool, ask your Solar Panel Installer about Future Wave. This simple device is attached to your pool pump and can save 70% on your electricity bill. The Future Wave can be used with existing pool or spa pumps to drastically reduce energy consumption.

→  No plumbing or wiring required – just plug it in.

→  Energy savings up to 80%.

→  Reduces noise and improves filtration.

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Heating & Air Conditioning Units

Ensure your home is insulated.

During winter set ceiling fans it to spin the opposite way it does over summer, which will push heat down.

Keep the doors shut to rooms that don’t require heating or cooling.

Experiment with your air conditioning and heating thermostat. By dropping the temperature a little over winter and raising it similarly over the summer you can save a stack of electricity.

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Lighting Ideas

Only use lighting when you need it and remember to switch off lights when you leave a room.

If you’re still using old incandescent globes; make the switch LED lighting, which require much less electricity to operate. Most of the energy used by an incandescent globe is converted into heat rather than light, so in summer they can add to your air conditioning costs.

For garden lighting, switch to solar lamps – these are now very cheap to purchase and are extremely easy to set up as they require no wiring. Each light has an internal battery.

Instead of having security lights on all night, use sensor lights that will only switch on when someone is in the immediate vicinity.

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Other Areas

If you are considering replacing your hot water system, consider a solar hot water system.

A second fridge uses a lot of electricity, so you’re not filling it switch it off.