CEC Accreditation - What does it mean?

In Australia, we have a number of governing bodies which determine the safety, ethics and regulatory practices that need to be adhered to in the Australian Solar Industry. One of the biggest is the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC). They provide best practice guidelines  for solar retailers to adhere to via a strict code of conduct. 

This document aims to protect both the industry and consumers in regards to the standard solar design and installation practices being undertaken by solar retailers. This protection applies to individuals and households, as well as commercial businesses and business owners. 

The CEC Code Of Conduct is is governed by a board of representatives known as the Code Review Panel. It’s an independent panel which is made up of consumer and industry representation. The purpose of the panel is to continually review the code and make relevant updates to reflect industry progression and inadvertently reshapes the expected standards and best practices for solar installations.  

What is a Clean Energy Council [CEC] Accredited Retailer?

Westsun Solar has recently become a CEC accredited solar retailer by the Clean Energy Council. We have been in the solar industry for over 10 years and are incredibly happy with this achievement. 

There are many benefits that come with becoming a CEC Accredited Solar Retailer for both businesses and consumers. Firstly, it allows us to provide peace of mind to our customers about the way in which their solar energy and solar storage systems are being designed, installed and maintained. It gives them unwavering certainty about the high level of service and industry best practice that is being followed and maintained for each and every solar panel and battery storage system install that is being performed.

In conjunction with this, it allows approved retailers to feel confident in their business practices by knowing they are performing electrical work that is of the highest standard and safety precaution in the industry today. 

What it means to be an Accredited Retailer.

As a CEC Accredited Retailer, we are committed to undertaking all solar and electrical work that follows the strict safety and ethical practices as outlined in the Code of Conduct, to ensure the protection of all parties and property, whilst maintaining the longevity of the solar industry. 

For consumers, it means they can easily identify the solar retailers who have committed to top tier service.
In addition to feeling at ease by selecting an Accredited Retailer, consumers know the retailer is being monitored and upheld to a program that is authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). At times, there are also incentives for being an Approved CEC Retailer, with the government providing exclusive incentive programs for these types of accreditations – which is a win-win situation for consumers and retailers.

What is a Clean Energy Council [CEC] Accredited Installer

In addition to a business being held to high industry standards, the Clean Energy Council also have an accreditation program for electricians to become certified under the CEC installation guidelines. By becoming a CEC Accredited Installer, the CEC is recognising electricians who are choosing to abide by professional industry and safety standards, that are also outlined and dictated in the Installers Code of Conduct.

There are approximately six stages to becoming an accredited solar installer – here is a basic breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. First, you need to be a qualified electrician by Australian government standards.
  2. You need to then complete a separate PV systems/batteries/inverter accredited course via an Australian registered training organisation [RTO].
  3. From there you can apply for provisional accreditation with the CEC.
  4. Next, you must sit and pass a series of online assessments.
  5. Next, you must complete a practical installation assessment [often, more than one].
  6. Finally, you can apply for full accreditation by presenting proof of all of the above steps and additional requirements relating to safety at heights and in specific workplaces, etc.

Once granted accreditation, you can then practice as a CEC Accredited Solar Installer.

What it means to be an Accredited Installer

Holding the title as a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer means you can provide your customers with certainty about your knowledge, ability and ethics as an Accredited Solar Installer. They can rely on your ability and have complete trust that you are providing them with the most up to date information and are practising the safest and most compliant installation practices in the current Australian solar market.

How we operate at Westsun Solar

At Westsun Solar, we are committed to providing our Australian homeowners complete transparency in everything that we do as a solar retailer and installation company. We are a proud member of the CEC Accredited Retailers group and we are committed to bringing our customers the very best in the business, by employing CEC accredited installers. We will continue to contribute to the raising standards in the Australian Solar Industry, one installation at a time.