Off-Grid Solar Systems Perth

OFF GRID POWER SYSTEMS: Be completely disconnected from the grid

Off The Grid Solar System


Energy Storage With SMA

SMA Stand Alone Solar System Perth

The company has achieved a leading technology position in the market thanks to its development and production of cutting-edge off-grid solar inverters and monitoring devices for PV systems. SMA can provide the right inverter for any application: whether for an on-grid system, self-sufficient power supply or back-up operations. For more information visit SMA Australia’s website. Westsun Solar provides the best 30kw & 300kw off-the-grid solar system. Be completely disconnected from the grid with Westsun Solar’s stand alone solar power systems.

SMA Sunny Island Inverter Off-Grid / Stand Alone Power Systems Video

Benefits of Stand Alone Power Systems 

  • No need for noisy generators to run 24/7
  • More cost effective then mains connection in rural areas 
  • Be your own power provider 
  • Don't be effected by black outs and fires 
  • Latest technology has become very reliable and efficient 

SMA Stand Alone Solar Power System

SMA Off Grid Solar System

SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 (Battery Inverter)

  • Charge and discharge power of 2.5kW
  • Ideal for residential applications 
  • For new and existing installations, it is compatible with all lithium-ion batteries 
  • AC-connected system 
  • Efficiency up 97%

Sunny SMA Stand Alone Solar Perth

Sunny Island Off Grid Solar Systems

SUNNY ISLAND 3.0M/4.4M (For Single and Three-Phase Systems)

  • For self-consumption systems, battery back-up systems and off-grid power systems
  • All lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries can be used
  • Maximum efficiency greater than 95%

Sunny Island SMA Stand Alone Solar System Perth

SMA Sunny Island Off Grid Power Systems

SUNNY ISLAND 6.0H/8.0H (Off-grid Inverter)

  • OptiUse: Fast installation and commissioning, simplified operation 
  • OptiBat: State of charge calculations keeps you informed at all times 
  • For systems from 3 to 300kW