Energizer Homepower Battery Perth

Energizer Homepower Battery – Power You Can Count On

Energizer Homepower Battery Perth

Energizer Solar Battery Perth

Energizer Solar Battery Packages

Features & Benefits

  • Compact All-In-One Energizer Homepower Battery Storage
  • 6.1kWh expandable up to 24.4kWh
  • AC Coupled for both new and retrofitted installations
  • 3.6kW charge and discharge rate
  • Built-in blackout protection (UPS)
  • 24×7 connectivity via Cellular / Wifi / Ethernet
  • Customisable EMS (Energy Management System) for different applications
  • Suitable for both Perth indoor and outdoor installations (IP65 rating)
  • Virtual Power Plant Ready
  • Available in both black and white!

Westsun Solar have over 10 years industry experience

Westsun Solar is Perth’s leading solar panel specialist. All of our solar installations are done in-house with CEC accredited electricians. There are no sub-contractors involved throughout the process of installation.

We install solar panels in multiple suburbs in and around Perth. With the growing cost of electricity, more homes around Perth are turning to solar battery-powered systems to power their homes.

With over 10 years experience, we understand what products suit the harsh Australian climate, and we only recommend and install the best possible solution to meet our clients needs.

Compatible with any new or existing solar system!

Energizer Solar Rechargeable Batteries Perth

Energizer Homepower Battery

What you can expect

  • A team of qualified in-house accredited electricians to meticulously install your new system.
  • Competitive pricing on all of our products
  • Versatile mounting options for indoor and outdoor spaced
  • Free in0home consultation with no sales pressure
  • A safe child and pet friendly system with no exposed wires or hot vents
  • A reliable Western Australian business with over 10 year experience within the solar industry

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