Can I add a solar battery to my existing solar power system?

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With solar battery storage systems becoming more affordable and accessible, an increasing number of homeowners are considering solar batteries to their existing solar power systems. 

Solar batteries provide many benefits to their owners, including the ability to utilise more of their solar power generation, backup power in case of an outage, and increased energy savings, so it’s not hard to see why their has been an increase in demand recently. 

While many people who are interested in solar batteries include them in the initial investment in their solar power system, it is also possible to add a battery to your existing system down the track. 

Before purchasing solar battery storage for your existing solar power system, we believe you should consider the following factors first:

The Size Of Your Solar System

If your current solar energy system only generates enough solar power to meet a small portion of your electricity needs, it may not be worth purchasing a battery. Although, if you’re consuming the vast majority of your solar generation, there will be minimal solar power leftover to store in your solar battery storage. Instead, it would probably be worth considering expanding your solar power system. 

If your solar power system generates more than enough solar power for your energy needs, a solar battery will help you consume more of your own solar power generated and displace a large proportion of what you would need to buy from the grid at night, when your solar power system is not generating energy.

Your Current Solar Inverter

The first thing you will need to consider is your current solar inverter. There are two main types of solar inverters, hybrid solar inverters which are the most common, and standard solar inverters usually featured on old systems. 

A standard solar inverter can only convert DC power to your solar power system generates into AC power, which can be fed directly into the grid, or used to power your home appliances. 

A hybrid inverter, on the other hand can perform the same functions as a solar inverter, in addition to storing DC power in your battery, and then drawing on and converting this into AC power to supply the appliances in your home when required. 

If you have an older solar power system that includes a standard solar inverter, you can choose to either:

⇒ Replace your existing inverter with a hybrid inverter, or 
⇒ Install an additional inverter to work alongside your original inverter, which will handle the batteries separately. 

If an upgrade is required, our expert in-house professionals can recommend the most suitable option for your solar power system set-up and your budget. 

Motivation Behind Investing in Battery Storage

Before making the investment, it’s wise to consider exactly why you want to invest in solar battery storage. Do you want a solar battery to complement your solar system and maximise your current savings, are you interested in further reducing your carbon footprint and investing more into renewable energy, or do you want to achieve energy independence from the grid, regardless of the cost? Addressing your driving motivation behind purchasing a battery storage system will help you determine the ideal system size for your needs and budget.

Westsun Solar are experts in home battery storage systems and can help you decide if adding solar battery storage to your existing solar power system is the right decision, both short and long term. Give us a call on 08 9303 9810 or sign up below for no obligation call back.